An Interdenominational Church

Revd. George Karl
678 Montgomery Road
Westfield, MA 01085
Telephone: (413) 568-6473
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  Summer Hours:
    9:30 a.m. June-August
  Winter Hours:
    10:00 a.m. September-May






Church Members Gather For A New Photo Shoot - May 2014

Dedication of Our New Pulpit, Baptismal Font & Communion Table

Wyben Union Church members and visitors shared in a special ceremony, when our current Pastor Revd. David Cooper, former Pastor, Revd. Armand Proulx and Revd. Maurice Proulx dedicated the new pulpit, baptismal font and communion table - May 2013.

The History of Wyben Union Church

The roots of our church go back to 1802 when a Baptist Church was organized and its house of worship built. This building eventually deteriorated and by 1876 small congregations - Baptists, Congregationalists and Methodists had joined together to form an interdenominational congregation with rotating preachers from various traditions.

The old church was not repairable, was purposely burned, and replaced by the current building, dedicated in 1877. Thus it can be said that the new church in Wyben was begun as a truly interdenominational church. It is remarkable that this would occur in the late 1800s and would continue until the present time. Under the guidance of Reverend Armand Proulx, in 2002, we discussed the pros and cons of affiliating with the UCC, and unanimously voted to remain interdenominational.

Early in our history, when it became impossible for the Westfield pastors to maintain services for Wyben, Mr Viets, pastor of the Methodist Church in Southampton, was asked to preach. Pastors from this church preached for some years, and then pastors from the Southampton Congregational Church preached for an additional period of time. However, by the early 1920s attendance had declined to such a point that Mr. McRae of Springfield College was contacted for help in getting a student to supply the pulpit on a regular basis. This worked well for our church until the late 1940s. From then on our church was served mostly by ordained ministers. In 1977, Reverend Henry Brady came to serve the church until 1989. Reverend Armand Proulx became our pastor in 1990, and, like Henry Brady, gratefully stayed for 12 years. Our very talented organist, Albert Avadyayev, also joined us in 1990, and is still with us. Our current pastor, David Cooper, recently joined us in 2008.

What we carry is a precious inheritance that we must now pass on to our children and to our children's children, so that a hundred years from now, an ecumenical church will stand here welcoming everyone.